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The Ukrainian Armed Forces reported at which settlements in the Avdeevsky direction the defenders stopped Putin’s army

Russian occupation forces have reduced the number of attempts at offensive actions in the direction controlled by OSGV Tavria, which is likely a consequence of the recent dry fall.

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The fact that the defenders of Ukraine were able to achieve stabilization of the situation to the west of Avdeevka, writes NBN, referring to the statement of the speaker of the operational-strategic group of forces (OSGV) Tavria, Dmitry Lykhovy, made in the broadcast of the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Lykhovy, in Berdich, Orlovka and Tonenky, who are most interested in Ukrainian society, the operational situation has begun to stabilize – here the Defense Forces fighters continue to hold back the enemy’s attempts, preventing him from occupying or capturing these settlements.

In addition, there is a certain minimization of the intensity and assault actions on the part of Putin’s army, including a drop in the number of airstrikes to 14 per day, which is significantly less than before the “landing” of more than 10 enemy aircraft. 34 and Su-35.

Lykhovy emphasized:

Since aviation does not work by itself, but in  interests of the infantry, then the number of assault operations on the part of the Russians is reduced.

Earlier, we wrote that the ISW explained whether the destruction of 15 Russian aircraft would have an impact on the rate of advance of the invaders in Donetsk region.

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