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The Ukrainian singer told who from show business “infected” Ani Lorak with the idea of ​​the “Russian world” even before the war

Ukrainian singer and poet Kostya Gnatenko said that former producer Ani Lorak Yuri Thales, long before the invasion of Putin’s troops in our country, “infected” the artist with the idea of ​​the “Russian world.”

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Gnatenko, in an interview with Anzhelika Rudnitskaya, spoke about the criminal position of Ani Lorak, who is silent about genocide in her native country. In his opinion, the singer picked up the idea of ​​the “Russian world” long before the war, reports NBN.

According to the poet, the artist at one time ended up with the “mankurt” Yuri Thales, who hails from the Russian Federation. The singer believes that causal connections should be sought in Lorak’s relationship with the former producer. He suggested that it was during the period of collaboration and romantic relationship with Thalesa that the performer was “infected” with the idea of ​​the “Russian world.”

Note that Yuri Thalesa, who was born in the Russian city of Kachnar, was living in Ukraine, where his house and office were destroyed by a shell from the invaders.

Later it became known that the producer went to his mother in the Russian Federation. His ex-wife, singer Masha Goya, said that Thales missed his mother and at such times his family is most important to him.

Recall that in March Russian media reported that Ani Lorak had applied for citizenship of the aggressor country.

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