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They didn’t “break through” to Ukraine: the Ambassador of Belarus to the Russian Federation let slip about the real place where “Tajik terrorists” were detained

ByJohn Newman

Mar 23, 2024

Today, the FSB of the Russian Federation accused Ukraine of organizing a terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow, reporting that the Tajik criminals who shot hundreds of local citizens were allegedly planning to quickly leave for our country, but were stopped by the special services.

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About the fact that it was the Belarusian security forces who helped their Russian “colleagues” in carrying out the arrest “ participants in the terrorist attack” in the Moscow region, while the key task of the former was to “not allow them to escape across our common border,” writes NBN, referring to the statement of the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation Dmitry Krutoy, published in Radio Liberty “.

According to Krutoy, since yesterday evening there has been “active interaction” through the special services of both the Russian Federation (RF) and its satellite country – the Republic of Belarus (RB) . In particular, the head of the State Security Committee was constantly in direct contact with his Russian colleague.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to the Russian Federation summed up how he indirectly refuted the version of Russian propaganda:

And in fact, the main task last night was to prevent terrorists from escaping across our common border. This task has been completed.

Earlier, we wrote about how the GUR MOU commented on the accusation by the FSB of the Russian Federation.


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