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They will fire up factories and gather an army – propagandist Soloviev “predicted” the start of the West’s war against the Russian Federation

ByJohn Newman

Jan 15, 2024

The mouthpiece of the Putin regime, Vladimir Solovyov, continues to intimidate Russians with “forecasts” about a war with the West. The propagandist said that “unfriendly” countries are allegedly now gathering military power in order to go to war with a terrorist state.

They will fire up the factories and gather an army - propagandist Solovyov “predicted” the beginning of the war of the West against the Russian Federation

Photo – dzen.ru

The pseudo-journalist on the air of his propaganda show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” began to escalate the situation around support for Ukraine in the fight against Russian invaders from Western countries, NBN reports with reference to the Central nervous system.

The mouthpiece of the Putin regime tried to scare viewers by saying that supposedly in 1.5 years the West will start a war against their country. The propagandist said that now “unfriendly” states will “give Ukraine everything they can,” after which they will “fire up their factories and gather an army” in order to supposedly enter into conflict with the Russian Federation.

“Not no illusions needed”, — The pseudo-journalist assured his fellow citizens of the “realism” of his forecast.

Earlier, Solovyov complained about calls for negotiations between Kiev and Moscow. The propagandist said that the Kremlin should not enter into dialogue with the Ukrainian side, recalling Russia’s main task in the war against a neighboring state.


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