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Tucker Carlson called Putin's speech about Ukraine during an interview the dumbest he's ever heard (VIDEO)

American journalist Tucker Carlson, in a podcast with his colleague from the United States Friedman, spoke about some of Putin’s statements in an interview that he personally interviewed with the head of the Kremlin. In particular, he stated that Putin’s speech during the interview was the dumbest he had heard in his entire life.

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As NBN reports, in the Lex Fridman podcast Tucker Carlson said:

I’m really not I liked the meeting, the whole part of the conversation with Putin, in which he made every effort to denigrate the Ukrainian state. This is the dumbest speech I have ever heard.

Additionally, Tucker Carlson noted that during the conversation with Putin and even after it, reflecting, he could not understand what was really means the word “denazification”.

After all, in 2024 there is not a single Nazi movement. And calling Ukrainians Nazis is somehow very childish. It was stupid. But it was so stupid about everything else, from the saved Jews in Tsarist Russia to Zelensky’s father, who fought the Nazis before he was born. When you interview Putin, you shouldn’t be surprised at the amount of stupidity. One would be surprised if there weren't enough of her there, — summed up Trumpist Carlson.

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