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Ukraine’s place is in the EU: Finnish Prime Minister spoke about war and security problems in Europe in his New Year’s address

The head of the Finnish government, Petteri Orpo, recalled the Russian invasion in his New Year's address, saying that it created security problems in Europe. The politician also commented on the beginning of negotiations on Ukraine's membership in the EU.

Ukraine's place in the EU: Finnish Prime Minister spoke about war and security problems in Europe in his New Year's address

Photo – Roni Rekomaa/Lehtikuva

The head of government, congratulating the people of Finland on the New Year, remembered the Russian-Ukrainian war. The politician said that the Russian invasion of the country has finally changed the security situation in Europe, NBN reports with reference to Ukrinform.

Orpo recalled that Ukrainians are courageously fighting not only for the independence and freedom of their country , but also for all European states, as well as Western values.

The head of government assured that Helsinki will continue to help Kiev in the war against the Russian invaders. In particular, the country has increased the production capacity of heavy projectiles in order to support Ukrainians in the long term and at the same time strengthen its own defense capabilities.

The politician added that Helsinki is actively working to integrate Ukraine into the union of European states. According to the Prime Minister, the beginning of the negotiation process on the country's membership in the organization sends an encouraging message to its citizens: Ukraine's place is in the EU.

Recall that the deputy head of the Servant of the People party announced the time frame for Ukraine's integration into the European Union.< /p>


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