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“Ukrainian trace”: what connects the leader of the Wagner PMC with Ukraine

Utkin Dmitry Valerievich, born in 1970. Born in the Sverdlovsk region of the Russian Federation. But he spent all his childhood and youth in Ukraine – he studied and lived in the village of Smolino, Kirovograd region.

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Dmitry Utkin

The Ukrainian period is the most interesting in the biography of this character. The fact is that Utkin lived and was raised by his mother, since his father left them. Therefore, it was my mother who had a huge influence on the formation of the future commander of the PMC «Wagner». Here’s an example: according to Utkin’s ex-wife Elena Shcherbinina, he spoke in a whisper in the presence of his mother.

In Smolino, Utkin graduated from secondary school No. 2. This fact was confirmed by the deputy director of the educational institution, Svetlana Bichanina.

After graduating from school, Utkin entered the Leningrad Higher Combined Arms Command School named after S. M. Kirov. This school trained personnel for GRU special forces units.

After graduating from college, Utkin begins his career in the ranks of special forces units, becomes a veteran of the first and second Chechen wars, receives the first Order «For Courage».

After the end of the second Chechen War, Utkin was transferred to the 2nd Special Forces Brigade, which was stationed in Pskov. Here he was the commander of the 700th separate special forces detachment. By the way, it is quite noteworthy that the UAV strike on the airfield «Pskov» was also applied to the location of this brigade. It is also noteworthy that the MOU GUR did not comment on this strike.

And here it should be noted that Utkin has not lost ties with Ukraine: in addition to his mother, two ex-wives and two children remain here. Utkin’s first common-law wife is Elena Kovalenko. Elena is a teacher at a local school in the village of Smolino. The woman lived with Utkin for three years and has a common daughter who lives separately. The second common-law wife of the head of the PMC is Tatyana Utkina. The latter works as an engineer at a mine and has a common son, Gleb. Gleb Utkin works as an inspector at a customs post in Odessa. According to Russian media, for their sake, Utkin almost transferred to serve in the Security Service of Ukraine. «He even carried documents, then, as always, his mother got in, and he went back (to Chechnya)», she recalls.

Since 2014, the appearance of Utkin has been recorded in the occupied areas of the Lugansk region. Moreover, the main functions of PMCs are the physical liquidation of representatives of the military-political opposition of the quasi-republic «LPR».

During this period, the analytical department «Prava Prava» carries out a number of operational activities to create artificial conflicts among the militants of the «LPR». It is noteworthy that it was PMC «Wagner» performed the role of liquidators of the leaders of these formations. In particular, through the hands of PMC «Wagner» It was then possible to disarm the separate brigade «Odessa», which was based in Krasnodon and was one of the most combat-ready in the ranks of the illegal armed formations of the «LPR».

In addition, the analytical department «Prava Prava» managed to promote information about a meeting with the participation of field commanders Bednov, Mozgovoy and Dremov to commit a rebellion against the then leader of the «LPR» Plotnitsky. Thanks to this, it was possible to create an artificial conflict situation among the militants. As a result, a number of field commanders at the hands of the PMC «Wagner» was liquidated.

So, at the beginning of 2015, the Wagnerites staged an ambush in the Lutuginsky district of the Lugansk region, in which the field commander Bednov died.

Bednov’s guards were members of the group of the notorious neo-fascist Milchakova. The analytical department has «Rights on the Right» there were two goals: the liquidation of Bednov and Milchakov’s group

PMC «Wagner» in 2014-2015 it was used not only as a kind of field gendarmerie. PMC fighters were recorded in battles for Lugansk airport and Debaltseve. The latter suffered serious losses.

It should be noted that Utkin visited Ukraine several times after graduating from military school. But the most interesting thing is that, according to Ukrainian media, in 2016 Utkin visited his mother in the unoccupied part of Ukraine. That is, this happened after his activities and the activities of the PMC «Wagner» became known to the general public.

And this is not the first incomprehensible fact of the activities of the Ukrainian special services of that period when the movement of militant leaders and members of their families was not obstructed.

The mother herself, according to various available information, was taken out of Ukraine by Utkin in 2016. In addition, local residents confirmed Utkin’s arrival in Ukraine. Interesting fact: Utkin’s mother insisted that her son return to Ukraine and serve in Ukraine. And he was returning. Let me remind you that in Ukraine he has two common-law wives and two children. But for some reason, the Ukrainian special services did not take advantage of this fact.

I can assume that Utkin did not die – he was simply taken into the shadows to be legalized using other documents. The fact is that in 2016, information was already disseminated that Utkin allegedly died near Donetsk Ozeryanovka.

But there is also a question for the Ukrainian side: why was criminal proceedings initiated against Utkin only in 2021 in Ukraine for assault? on the territorial integrity of the country. And this is after the events of 2014–2015, when he actually came to light.

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