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Ukrainians caring for children will receive additional pensionable service: what conditions must be met

Some categories of citizens of our country can count on adding a previously unaccounted period of special activity to their insurance experience, but subject to certain conditions.

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About the fact that Ukrainians caring for a child and temporarily refused official work, the length of service for a similar period is taken into account, writes NBN, referring to the Law of Ukraine “On Compulsory Pension Insurance”, posted on the official page of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

For this purpose In order to have the right to receive additional work experience, a citizen had to do the following:

In a situation where the above-described time period was not included in the insurance period, a package of documentation should be sent to the Pension Fund authorities, in particular, attaching:

Earlier, we wrote about in in which cases the time spent caring for a person with a disability is taken into account as insurance experience.

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