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Umerov explained what will change for citizens after Zelensky cancels the status of “limitedly fit”

The day before, a law signed by Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky abolished the status of “limitedly fit” for service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, both in relation to potential soldiers and current defenders.

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About the fact that the above document will come into force on May 4 of this year, and now citizens previously recognized as “limitedly fit” must undergo a repeat military medical commission (MMC) before February 4 next year (on ;for 9 months), writes “NBN”, referring to the official Facebook account of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

As it became known, the cancellation of the status “limitedly fit” does not assign a different characteristic to the person liable for military service/military personnel. In addition, the government has 3 months to introduce additional appropriate legal provisions defining a revised list of diseases to determine fitness/unfitness for military service.

For example, after a second military examination, a military officer may be recognized:

Also, if the person liable for military service is betrayed status of “limited fit”:

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