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Umerov reported on the losses of the occupiers over the past week

As of this Sunday morning, January 28, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of our country, fighters of the Ukrainian Defense Forces have “demilitarized” about 382,110 “good Russians” and several thousand units of enemy armored vehicles, and now the total weekly losses of the “second army of the world” have become known.

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About how many representatives and means of the Russian occupation invasion forces were “utilized” by the Ukrainian army over the past 7 days, NBN writes, citing information published in the Telegram channel of the deputy head Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Alexander Pavlyuk.

As Umerov’s deputy notes, during this week alone, thanks to the effective work of the defenders of Ukraine, Putin’s army will not count 6,080 “liberators”, and this is not ;counting 952 units of various equipment and weapons systems, in particular:

Earlier we wrote about how in British intelligence assessed the level of dissatisfaction with the war in the Russian Federation, revealing statistics on arson of military registration and enlistment offices.

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