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VAKS arrested former people's deputy Pashinsky: the politician appears in a case worth a billion

This afternoon, the twenty-sixth of February. The High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine chose a preventive measure for former People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Sergei Pashinsky in the form of arrest for two months. At the same time, HACS left the right to the ex-people's deputy to hold bail.

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As NBN reports with reference to the court session, the investigating judge of the VAKS imposed punishment on Pashinsky in the video of detention until the twenty-fifth of April of this year. He was also given the opportunity to pay bail in the amount of 272.5 million hryvnia.

If Pashinsky does post bail, he will be obliged to fulfill the obligations assigned to him by the judge, namely:            &nbsp ;     

— arrive at every call from the detective, prosecutor and court;           

— do not leave Kyiv and the Kyiv region without the permission of a detective, court and prosecutor;

 — inform the detective, prosecutor, and the court about changes in place of residence and work;

— refrain in every possible way from communicating with other suspects in this case, as well as witnesses;

— hand over all foreign passports for safekeeping to the appropriate authority;

— wear an electronic bracelet.

It is noteworthy that this decision can be appealed to the Appeals Chamber.

As you know, on February 12, information was made public that ex-deputy Sergei Pashinsky was informed about suspicion of taking possession of oil products worth 967 million hryvnia, which were arrested in the case of the owner of the so-called group “East European Fuel and Energy Company”.

Recall that Pashinsky earlier told who fired on Maidan activists in Kyiv.

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