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VISA has simplified the withdrawal of cryptocurrency to a card: what is known about the new service

ByJohn Newman

Feb 3, 2024

While the decision of the state-owned PrivatBank is blocking accounts and terminating contracts with clients conducting financial transactions with cryptocurrency, VISA has officially confirmed the legality of such actions.

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VISA has simplified the withdrawal of cryptocurrency to card: what aware of a new service

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About the fact that the VISA payment system has launched a process of cooperation with a key provider of a similar infrastructure for the cryptocurrency exchange NFT-Transak, which allows you to withdraw “digital money” to payment cards without much effort, writes NBN, referring to the official Transak page.

As it became known, VISA card users , living in more than 145 countries of the world, are allowed to transfer their own digital assets into local money, without any delays, that is, in real time.

To transfer the funds described above, all you need is connect to VISA Direct: after this, it will take 30 minutes or even less to exchange funds, which is a significant advantage when compared with outdated banking methods that delay the procedure for several days.

It should be noted that Transak supports about 40 types of cryptocurrency, and is also integrated into more than 350 Web3 wallets and individual games, for example, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger, Splinterlands and Decentraland.

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