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We took aim at the entrance, if not this one, then the one next door is definitely flying in – the Russian military on television boasts of their high-precision weapons that fly into residential buildings

ByJohn Newman

Feb 10, 2024

On one of the Russian propaganda television channels “Zvezda”, the captain of a missile ship admitted how accurately combat missiles fired by this or another ship, including the Zircon, hit the target with an error of at most one entrance multi-apartment residential buildings with civilian population. In other words, after such an interview conducted by a military correspondent of a Russian television channel, all official statements by the Russian authorities that the Russian army does not strike the civilian population of Ukraine are reduced to zero.

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We aimed at the entrance, if not this one, then the next one is definitely flying in — Russian military brags on television with its precision weapons, which fly into residential buildings   

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As NBN reports, a video excerpt from a Russian TV channel was published on his Telegram page by a Ukrainian journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky.

The video shows how Igor Krokhmal, commander of the frigate “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov,” tells the host of the Russian TV channel “Zvezda” about the accuracy of missiles, including such as “Zircon”, in apartment buildings where none other than civilians live.

Naturally, after such statements, all the words of the official authorities of the Russian Federation that Russian troops do not strike the civilian population of Ukraine are untrue.

Remember that we previously wrote that the enemy is transferring new forces to Kupyansk, trying to make up for large-scale losses.


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