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Will help save your smartphone's charge: experts suggested an unusual but effective “life hack”

Conserving your phone battery charge is especially important with the onset of the winter season, when the battery is exposed to frequent temperature changes, which causes it to lose energy capacity and “degrade.”

It will help save your smartphone's charge: experts suggested an unusual but effective

Photo – itechua.com

About the fact that despite the existence of many ways to speed up the charging process, the cold is one way or another ” loads the battery, reducing its resource, but there is one very simple and effective way to somewhat reduce energy consumption, writes NBN, referring to the iTECHua material.

In particular, it concerns the installation of wallpaper /pictures in the darkest, or even exclusively black, tones for the screensaver and lock screen of the smartphone. However, it should be taken into account that such a “life hack” will work best on “gadgets” with OLED displays, since in this situation all the pixels will not be illuminated independently of each other.

By  According to some experts, the above method can extend the charge of a smartphone by 20-30 percent.

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