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Will improve payment discipline – the head of NEURE explained why citizens will be cut off for debts

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1405 cancels the moratorium prohibiting the interruption of the provision of housing and communal services, including the accrual and payment of fines, in addition to the very amount of debt on receipts, and now it has become known what caused this “motivation”.

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About the fact that the lifting of the previously existing ban on disconnecting utility services in Ukraine is connected with the ignoring of their “payments” by “well-to-do” household consumers, writes NBN, citing a statement by the head of the National Commission that carries out state regulation in the energy sector and utilities (NKREKU) by Konstantin Ushchapovsky, aired during a telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Ushchapkovsky, the key prerequisite for the lifting of the moratorium is an increase in the volume of debts for “utilities” . In particular, the dynamics of the formation of debts of household consumers in Ukraine for consumed electricity increased by 41 percent when compared with pre-war times.

The head of NEURC added that recipients of subsidies have a more positive “payment discipline” ( pay off almost 100 percent of bills) than those citizens who are not provided with social assistance by the state to pay for utility bills.

According to Ushchapkovsky:

Therefore, this measure [disconnection from services] will improve payment discipline…

Earlier, we wrote about that an expert told us when to expect an increase in the cost of most utilities services.

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