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Writing off debts for utilities: the lawyer explained in what situations this is possible

With the advent of this year, due to the cancellation by the Cabinet of Ministers of the moratorium on disconnecting negligent household consumers from utilities, Ukraine also allowed to charge fines/penalties for late repayment of amounts in “payment bills”, as well as forcibly, through the court, collect all overdue debts.

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About the fact that in certain cases, Ukrainians have the right to cancel debt collection during the trial process, writes NBN, citing the explanation of the Gracers lawyer Law Firm” by Anastasia Tsybulko, published by 24-Channel.

In particular, at this stage, utility service companies have the legal right to file an appeal to the court if the consumer refuses to voluntarily repay the entire amount of the debt or undergo its restructuring.

However, in some scenarios, the court may take the side of the debtor citizen and make a decision in his favor, essentially writing off all accrued amounts.

For example, justice, from the point of view of the law, will be on the side of the debtor if:

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