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Yevlash commented on the night attack of the Shaheds, pointing to the new tactics of the Russian Armed Forces

Speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force, Major Ilya Yevlash, commented on the latest attack of the Russian Armed Forces by kamikaze “Shahed” drones on our country. According to him, on the night of April 23, the Russians used a new tactic of attacking UAVs.

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Photo – screenshot from video

The major, on the air of a national telethon, commenting on the night attack of Putin’s army on Ukraine with attack drones, said that the Russian occupiers used a new tactic of launching Shaheds, informs “NBN.”

As a representative of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces explained, the “liberators” tried to send one or two kamikaze drones at different intervals in different directions. The purpose of this method of launching UAVs is to make it as difficult as possible for the air defense forces to fight drones.

Evlash noted that during the night attack the Russians also tried to reconnoiter the use of mobile fire groups.

The speaker of the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces warned that Putin’s troops are intensifying attacks on our country using various methods until the Defense Forces receive American assistance.

Note that this night the downed Shahed fell on a residential sector in Odessa. The mayor of the city, Gennady Trukhanov, reported the casualties and showed footage of the consequences of the enemy attack.

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