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Yevlash explained why it is difficult for air defense forces to repel occupiers’ air attacks on Kharkov

Speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force, Major Ilya Yevlash, explained why it is difficult for air defense to repel attacks by Russian troops with aerial bombs and drones on Kharkov.

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On the air of the national telethon, the major said that the greatest difficulty in repelling the attacks of Russian invaders on Kharkov with KABs and kamikaze drones “Shahed” – the proximity of the regional center to the border, NBN reports.

According to a representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, when the invaders launch attack drones, mobile air defense fire groups have very little time to leave route and intercept the drones. The enemy analyzes the flight paths of the UAV, and also uses quite complex areas of terrain and relief.

In addition, as Yevlash noted, Kharkov is close enough to the terrorist state for attacks by KABs. Putin's troops learned to launch the latest UMBP D-30 ammunition, with which they began to terrorize the regional center.

Earlier, the speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces spoke about what is needed to effectively protect Ukraine from attacks by the “second army of the world” by KABs.

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