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Yevlash revealed the reasons for Russia's likely use of Zircons during the recent attacks on Ukraine

Earlier, information appeared in the Ukrainian media space – Russian occupation forces apparently used Zircon anti-ship missiles on March 25, striking the territory of Kyiv.

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The fact that the possibility of Putin’s army using hypersonic anti-ship Zircons indicates not only the emergence of a shortage of other types of missiles in the Russian Federation, writes NBN, citing the explanation of the representative of the Ukrainian Air Force Ilya Yevlash, voiced on YouTube. Radio Liberty channel.

According to Yevlash, now one of the scientific research centers is establishing whether the invaders actually used Zircons during the last shelling of Ukraine. In particular, the use of this type of missile indicates that the Russian Federation has a shortage of weapons: such ammunition is anti-ship, and is used exclusively in certain cases, through various launchers, of the “Bastion” or “Ball” subtype.

Thus, we can draw conclusions—if the Russian Federation had enough other types of missiles, for example, Caliber and Iskander-M, they would have used them,” since the Zircon is a very complex missile, quite expensive and quite powerful.

The Air Force Speaker added that the Zircon attack could be a certain experiment testing the potential of Ukraine's air defense, and also “where, what and how it is protected, what is covered, so that in the future they can use this when planning their next air attacks.”

Earlier we wrote about how Yevlash explained why the occupiers reduced the intervals between strikes in Ukraine.

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