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Zelensky commented on criticism of the national telethon by the US State Department

The other day, the US State Department included a national telethon in its report on human rights violations in Ukraine. Advisor to the head of Zelensky's Office, Mikhail Podolyak, spoke about Washington's criticism of United News.

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Adviser to the head of the OPU, in an interview with Channel 24, commented on the criticism of the national telethon by the US State Department, NBN reports.

According to the official, during the war the state wanted to have a certain platform, an instrument to carry out clearly defined programs, given the scale of the information work of the terrorist state.

A representative of Zelensky’s Office stated that censorship has not been introduced in our country and anyone can sell an information product in any quantity. Podolyak noted that United News does not restrict the right of citizens to speak and publish anything.

Earlier, Ukrainians signed a petition calling for the telethon funds to be redirected to the purchase of cars and UAVs for the Defense Forces. Head of Government Denis Shmygal explained why United News will continue to receive funding.

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