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Zelensky commented on information about US demands to stop attacks on oil refineries in the Russian Federation

ByJohn Newman

Mar 22, 2024

Recently, information appeared in the Financial Times – allegedly the White House has repeatedly called on high-ranking officials of our country’s intelligence services to stop carrying out drone strikes on oil refineries in the Russian Federation, as this will provoke an increase in the global cost of “black gold” and petroleum products.

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Zelensky commented on the information about the US demands to stop attacks on oil refineries in the Russian Federation

Photo – radiosvoboda.org

O&nbsp ;that the administration of American leader Joseph Biden never demanded that Bankova stop attacks on Russian oil infrastructure, writes NBN, citing a statement by the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine (OPU), Mikhail Podolyak, aired on the TV channel Rain,” and published by Radio Liberty.

Based on Podolyak’s words, such rumors are nothing more than “fictitious information.” In addition, not a single state, taking into account the last 2 years of a full-scale war, will try to dictate to Ukraine the conditions for conducting combat operations against the Russian Federation.

Adviser to the head of the OPU emphasized:

Within the framework of international law, Ukraine can “degrease” Russian instruments of warfare. Fuel is the main tool of warfare. Ukraine will destroy the fuel infrastructure.

We previously reported that the SBU confirmed a successful UAV strike on the oil refinery in Slavyansk-on-Kuban.


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