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Zelensky named the number of F-16s Ukraine needs and spoke about the supply of Patriot air defense systems

ByJohn Newman

Jul 10, 2024

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky told how many American fighters the Armed Forces of Ukraine need to create effective competition in the skies for the Russian Federation, and also spoke about the transfer of the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine.

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Zelensky named the number of F-16s needed by Ukraine 16 and spoke about the supply of Patriot air defense systems

Photo – rbc.ua

The Ukrainian leader, answering questions after his speech at the Ronald Institute Reagan in Washington, said the problem with Western aviation was numbers and dates. According to the president, the Russian Armed Forces use 300 aircraft against our country every day, NBN reports.

The Guarantor recalled that for Ukraine there was a decision on 10-20 fighters. The head of state noted that compared to the aviation of Putin’s army, even 50 aircraft are nothing. To catch up with the enemy in the sky, the Ukrainian Armed Forces need 128 F-16 units.

Zelensky also spoke about the supply of Patriot air defense systems. The Ukrainian leader thanked the American leadership for the additional complexes, while noting that they were still not enough.

The Guarantor remembered the last massive attack of the invaders on Kyiv. It would seem that the capital was well protected, but the enemy was able to break through the air defenses using various types of new weapons.

Earlier, British intelligence stated that the troops of a terrorist state changed the targets of missile strikes before the arrival of the F-16 in Ukraine.


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