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Zelensky spoke about a possible meeting with Trump and his visit to Ukraine

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky spoke about the possibility of former American leader Donald Trump's visit to Ukraine, assuring that he is ready to meet with the notorious politician.

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In an interview with the German publication Bild, the Ukrainian leader commented on the “details of Trump’s peace plan” end of the war, which The Washington Post recently published, NBN reports.

According to the president, the idea of ​​ceding the Ukrainian territories seized by Putin’s army to the Russian Federation is very primitive. Zelensky noted that he would listen to Trump if he has his own approach to quickly ending the war.

The Guarantor emphasized that Kyiv needs compelling arguments, not a fantastic idea. The head of state recalled that the Kremlin dictator cannot be trusted, since he previously said one thing and acted differently.

Speaking about the visit of the former US President to Ukraine, Zelensky said that Trump received a public and non-public invitation to visit our country , so that he can see everything with his own eyes and draw conclusions.

The Ukrainian leader assured that he is ready to meet with Trump, which, according to him, Biden’s opponent also wants. However, the American politician does not yet know when he will be able to do this.

Recall that the media reported that British Foreign Minister David Cameron was unable to influence Trump to change his position on providing assistance to Ukraine.

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