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Zelensky spoke about Putin’s “readiness” for dialogue and a pause in the war with the Russian Federation

ByJohn Newman

Mar 12, 2024

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky commented on Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin’s “readiness” for dialogue and explained why a pause in the war is beneficial to the terrorist state.

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Zelensky spoke about the “readiness” Putin to dialogue and a pause in the war with the Russian Federation

Photo – president.gov.ua

The President in an interview with French media BFM TV and Le Monde noted that the head of the Kremlin, with a missile attack on the port of Odessa on March 6, demonstrated what format of dialogue with Ukraine he is ready for, NBN reports.

Zelensky recalled that Kiev participated in both the Minsk and in the “Normandy” formats of the negotiation process, which did not bring results. At the same time, for the Russian dictator, a pause in the war is like oxygen and additional opportunities for the restoration of the occupying forces, as well as preparation for a new round of aggression against our country.

The Guarantor is convinced that the pause in hostilities will be the same “ the Minsk process,” thanks to which the Russian Federation will prepare for the complete capture of our country, taking into account the mistakes that the “liberators” made at the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

As reported, on March 6, the Ukrainian leader, together with a delegation from Greece led by the Prime Minister -the minister visited Odessa. During the visit of representatives of Kyiv and Athens, the Russian occupiers fired a missile at the city. Zelensky revealed the details of this attack.


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