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Zelensky spoke about the difficult situation at the front and the “Achilles heel” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is being used by the occupiers

ByJohn Newman

Feb 19, 2024

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky made a statement about the situation in the most difficult sections of the front. In addition, the head of state told what “weak point of our country” Russian troops are using to inflict maximum damage on the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Zelensky spoke about the difficult situation at the front and the “Achilles heel” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is used by the occupiers

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As NBN reports, during his next evening address to the people of Ukraine, on February 19, Zelensky noted that the occupation forces are taking advantage, so to speak, of the “Achilles heel” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, that is, they are taking advantage of the fact that military assistance is for Ukrainian defenders is currently quite delayed. The President emphasized that the shortage of weapons is very noticeable at the front.

Thus, in his address, Zelensky noted:

Currently, the situation is very difficult in several directions at the front. It was in those places where the enemy concentrated maximum reserves. They take advantage of the delays in aid on Ukrainian territory. And these are very tangible things. There is a shortage of artillery, a huge need for front-line air defense, as well as greater range of our weapons.

Among other things, the head of state separately expressed gratitude to those enterprises that have now already established the production of weapons, drones and shells , as well as electronic warfare.

Finally, he added:

Naturally, we still cannot provide all the needs only thanks to our own capabilities, however, every month gives the Ukrainian state its own strength, its own capabilities. I am grateful to everyone who is working for this.

We would like to remind you that earlier Zelensky explained why the Ukrainian Armed Forces withdrew from Avdiivka.


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