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Zelensky spoke about the upcoming counter-offensive of the Russian Federation and the turning point: when will it be

The head of Ukrainian state Vladimir Zelensky made a statement during a press conference, in particular, that the next few months will be difficult for our country.

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As NBN reports, in particular, answering the question of what will happen to Ukraine twelve months later, if the current dynamics of the war continue and the supply of ammunition and weapons is similarly insufficient, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief noted:

It will be difficult for us in the coming months. Since there are certain fluctuations in the United States of America. And they have influence on certain states. Although the European Union has shown its own ability to be leaders with appropriate support. In March and April. We will go through a period of various waves: both at the political level, and financial, as well as various other pressures.

Among other things, Russia will be preparing counter-offensive actions in early summer or at the end of May. If, of course, they can.

They will prepare, and we will also prepare for battle. I believe that their fight, which began on October 8th, did not bring any results. We will also prepare our plan on our part. And the turning point will be the US elections. Well, after this we will understand what will happen next, — Zelensky summed up.

Remember , we previously wrote that Budanov announced the completion of some of the tasks in Crimea.

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