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Zelensky told details of the missile attack on Odessa during his visit

ByJohn Newman

Mar 8, 2024

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky spoke about the missile attack of the Russian occupiers on Odessa on Wednesday, March 6. During the shelling, the Ukrainian leader and a delegation from Greece led by Prime Minister Kyrianos Mitsotakis were in the city.

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Zelensky told details of the missile attack on Odessa during his visit

Photo – president.gov.ua

In an interview for the Cinque minuti program of the Italian TV channel Rai 1, the guarantor told the details of the rocket attack on Odessa during his visit, NBN reports.

According to the president, when he and the Greek delegation were in the port, 300-400 meters from them the “second army of the world” struck with a ballistic missile.

Zelensky noted that it “came” very quickly, because Russian invaders launched it from the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea. For this reason, the alarm in the city was not announced in time.

The Ukrainian leader does not know who the enemy wanted to strike. However, regarding the visit of foreign leaders to our country, we are talking about respect for them, which is simply not the case on the part of the Kremlin dictator and the terrorist state.

Earlier, the OPU admitted that the head of Ukraine and the prime minister of Greece could be the target of a missile attack RF Armed Forces to Odessa.


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