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Zelensky told how many Shahed kamikaze drones have destroyed air defense forces since the beginning of the year

Head of State Vladimir Zelensky named the number of Shahed kamikaze drones destroyed by the Ukrainian air defense forces since the beginning of the year. The president also named one of the key priorities of the year.

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On Sunday, February 11, during an evening video address to Ukrainians, the guarantor thanked the military personnel who are now and every day on combat duty saving our citizens and infrastructure, informs “NBN.”

As the head of state reported, from the beginning of the year to the present, the air defense forces have destroyed 359 “Shahed” kamikaze drones that the Russian occupation forces launched into our country.

According to the president, the accuracy of air defense troops, the work of electronic warfare and the support of each of the allies save the lives of Ukrainians.

Zelensky added that work continues to increase the effectiveness of mobile fire groups. Also, one of the key priorities of the year is to provide protective electronic warfare systems to more regions of the country.

We would like to remind you that OK “Yug” explained why the air defense forces of Ukraine’s neighboring states are activated during attacks by Russians with “Shaheds.”

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