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3 Zodiac signs that will end a romantic relationship in 2024

People have different reasons for breaking up. Some people just aren't right for each other. Some couples are unable to cope with past hurts. Or perhaps it’s all about a certain movement of the planets. If you are interested in the love horoscope 2024, an unusual forecast awaits you.

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WomanEL will share the opinion of Michelle Bell, founder of the astrological application Cosmic Fusion, about which signs are worth prepare for a breakup soon.

Love horoscope 2024: what to expect?

The movements of the planets affect ours and our energy. For example, during difficult aspects of Saturn (when it forms like squares or oppositions with Venus or Mars), some signs will experience a period of trials and difficulties in relationships. You may realize that your couple situation is no longer worth your time.

But breakups in 2024 can also be provoked by Uranus. Due to its transit, some people will feel like they need more freedom and independence. Tiny Pluto is no less significant. His movements will prompt certain signs to see underlying problems in communicating with their significant other. Pluto symbolizes transformation, strength and rebirth. Therefore, for many people it will be like liberation and the beginning of a happier stage of life.

Love horoscope 2024: who is at risk of breaking up?

Which signs will break up in 2024, Source: freepik. com

Below are three signs who are most likely to break up with their partner in 2024 thanks to these planetary movements.


Uranus is in the Zodiac sign Taurus on throughout 2024 and in square with Leo. What does this mean for you? There will be a tense period in your relationship. You will notice sudden needs for freedom and independence. If your partner has always been affectionate, you may feel the need to break up if he suddenly becomes distant. But it can also be the other way around: caring too much will make you feel like you're being suffocated.

If you are open with your partner about what you want, you have a chance of staying together. However, if you realize that your needs for stability and fidelity are not being met, you will continue on your own path.


You delve a lot into the depths of emotions. But this time it even needs to be done. Due to the influence of Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius, forming squares with the Scorpio Sun, you will notice that not everything is so smooth in your relationship. You have a need for authenticity and transformation, and you want to be noticed and heard. And, if your partner does not give you this, perhaps you should not endure another year and postpone the decision until later?


Saturn will cause problems in your couple. On May 6, he will be in retrograde with Pluto. This will last until May 24th. From May 24 to June 29, you may even make peace and it will seem that everything is in order now. But after June 29, hell will break out again. As astrologer Stina Garbis says, during this period you may even think that your partner is the most annoying person in the world. And, unfortunately, your significant other will share this feeling towards you. On July 2, passions will subside, you will weigh everything and be ready to break off the relationship forever.

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