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5 best Italian cosmetic brands of 2024

Italian beauty brands range from luxury fashion houses such as Prada Beauty and Armani Beauty to small family companies such as Borghese Roma and Palermo Body. But they are all united by a feeling of carefree life. Italian cosmetics are distinguished by the fact that Italians glorify tradition, history and the use of natural ingredients.

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They don't follow trends, their approach is more minimalistic and timeless. WomanEL wants to help you buy high-quality Italian cosmetics, so we have prepared a list of the best for 2024.

Best Italian cosmetics 2024: TOP 5

Cosmetics from Italian manufacturers, Source: womanEL + GUCCI + PRADA + FORTUNA SKIN + amazon

Fortuna Skin

This Sicilian skincare brand uses organic ingredients handpicked from an 800-acre estate in Italy. The Italian brand is equally passionate about its land, heritage, community and skin, and approaches beauty from a holistic perspective. Anti-aging products including moisturizers, eye serums, creams, micellar cleansers and oils are designed to enhance your natural beauty using the most revitalizing ingredients straight from Sicily. Even the gorgeous packaging is thoughtfully done; Each glass bottle contains special UV protection to prevent their formula from degrading.

Prada Beauty

The famous Italian luxury brand Prada launched its first makeup line in 2023. It features soft and ultra-matte lipsticks, refillable foundations and eyeshadow palettes, all housed in sleek silver reflective packaging with hints of gold and the brand's signature triangular logo. The products are presented in a variety of shades and color schemes.

Gucci Beauty

While we're familiar with the house's luxury clothing and equestrian-inspired designs like the iconic Horsebit chain bags, their beauty collection is the most accessible component of the brand. Launched in 2014, the line features dreamy eyeshadow palettes, bronzers that go on like butter, and matte lipsticks in a variety of shades, including Gucci's signature plums, reds, and browns. They offer a wide selection of products, including nail polish and floral perfumes.


Perlier is an Italian cosmetics brand that specializes in creating skin, body, hair and bath care products using natural ingredients combined with the latest scientific discoveries. One of the main ingredients used throughout the line: honey. More than 50 years ago, Perlier specialized in the use of honey in cosmetology. In the products (body balms, hand creams and liquid soaps, etc.) you will find natural and organic ingredients that are sourced in Italy. Perlier's strength among Italian cosmetic brands lies in the fact that the company carries out its own research, development, production and all testing of its products, forming a dedicated team of pharmacists, chemists, scientists and agricultural specialists.

Georgio Armani Beauty

Elegance and sophistication personify this luxury house based in Milan. The innovative, cutting-edge formulas are widely known in the beauty industry and are now favored by many celebrity makeup artists who want their clients to have a flawless complexion. Designed for all skin types and tones, the award-winning Luminous Silk products include foundation, concealer and blush.

We all admire Italian women, so let's take a look at their secrets to style and an elegant wardrobe.

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