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9 years without a legend: Scriabin and his eternal patriotism

Nine years have passed since Ukraine lost the great musician, vocalist, composer and activist – Andrey Kuzmenko, known under the pseudonym Kuzma Scriabin. The tragic death occurred on February 2, 2015 in the Dnepropetrovsk region while returning from a tour. His death struck the hearts of not only his fans, but also the entire country, writes WomanEL.

ContentHow it all started Contribution to Ukraine: activism and important values ​​Opposition without fear

How it all started

< p>The creation of the Skryabin group occurred in 1988, when Andrey Kuzmenko and Vladimir Shkonda began experimenting with music. They originally played piano and guitar respectively. Since then, the group has undergone numerous lineup changes, but Andrei has remained a permanent member.

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Kuzma Scriabin began his work with a passion for punk music, but subsequently expanded his musical spectrum. His creativity was expressed in the releases of albums, including “Birds”, “Language of Fishes”, “Fairy Tales”, “Worm” and “Technofight 1999”. The band's music often painted a picture of modern life, problems of society and politics.

Contribution to Ukraine: activism and important values

Andrey Kuzmenko was also famous for his public position. He openly ridiculed corrupt officials and politicians, participated in charity events and provided financial assistance to Ukrainian soldiers.

In 2014, when the war began in eastern Ukraine, Kuzma spoke out against Russian aggression, clearly calling the events a “war.” He publicly expressed his hostility towards Russia, ridiculed Russians, the politics of their country, and made sharp political speeches. Ukrainians still quote his jokes about the occupiers. In general, the artist inspired citizens with love for their homeland and patriotism.

If there is no nationalism, then there is no nation. Nationalism should not be aggressive, it should be diplomatic, intelligent, Kuzma noted.

Ukraine honors the heritage and patriotism of the great musician Andrey Kuzmenko. Source: facebook.com/skryabin.ua

In the last days of his life, Kuzma made a demo recording of the song “B*tch War,” dedicated to the events in eastern Ukraine. This composition took on a new meaning after the start of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine in 2022. He also has a separate discography about the modern Russian-Ukrainian war. This included the tracks “Ukrainians”, “Letter to the Presidents of Ukraine”, “Fool-Censorship”, “Ruin”.

Off the stage, Kuzma Scriabin was a family man and activist. In 1994, he married Svetlana Babiychuk. Together they raised their daughter Maria Barbara. His personal life was devoted to true values, and home comfort has always been an integral support for the singer.

Ukraine honors the legacy and patriotism of the great musician Andrey Kuzmenko. Source: viva.ua

Opposition without fear

Andrey Kuzmenko not only created music, but also constantly expressed his views on politics and social issues. He was a critic of the activities of deputies, openly ridiculed the shortcomings of society and supported the military who fought for the independence and security of Ukraine.

I am nervous about people who think little

p> fans' favorite quote from a celebrity.

His activism was manifested not only in words, but also in actions. He financially supported Ukrainian soldiers, held concerts for veterans, criticized the political situation in the country and openly opposed corruption.

Ukraine honors legacy and patriotism of the great musician Andrey Kuzmenko. Source: facebook.com/skryabin.ua

After his death, Svetlana Babiychuk founded a charitable foundation named after Kuzma Scriabin, which continues to support the military and piety. Andrey Kuzmenko left behind himself a legacy and an example of faithful service to art and Ukraine. His songs and words live in the hearts of those who honor his talent and devotion to his native land.

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