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A great tragedy occurred at Anastasia Prikhodko's concert

At the concert of the famous Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko, held on March 25 in Truskavets, a tragedy occurred, reports WomanEL.

During the singer’s performance, an unexpected and shocking event occurred, about which not everything is known yet. According to one of the publications, Anastasia’s manager suddenly died while right in the auditorium. The singer at that time managed to perform the first three songs from her repertoire.

Today a great tragedy occurred at my concert in Truskavets. No comments at the moment,

the celebrity commented on her Instagram.

During Anastasia Prikhodko’s speech in Truskavets, an incident occurred unexpected tragedy. Source: instagram.com/prykhodko_official

So far, details regarding this tragic event remain unknown. Information about the age and name of the deceased manager has also not yet been disclosed.

Anastasia Prikhodko has not yet contacted her fans after her statement and refrains from commenting on the tragedy. Her words about the “great tragedy” caused general despair among fans, but specific details remain the subject of further investigations.

By the way, Anastasia Prikhodko recently did an erotic and female photo shoot in a bodysuit.

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