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A masterpiece from the past: the original script for the legendary series will be sold at auction

All ardent fans of the American sitcom «Friends» have an excellent chance to acquire the original script of the popular show, reports WomanEL, citing a Telegraph source. The original drafts of two episodes, which were found in a landfill 26 years ago by studio workers, will soon be put up for auction.

To prevent leaks, after filming in London in 1998, the writers asked that the scripts for Ross's Wedding, Parts I and II be scrapped. However, employees found one of the scenarios in a trash can and treasured it for decades. Both episodes were filmed at Fountain Studios in Wembley.

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A 60-year-old man, who refuses to reveal his identity, said that he is not a fan of «Friends» and didn’t know what to do with the script.

The man said:

I found them in the trash a couple of weeks after filming ended. I left Fountain Studios in 1999, and when I came to clean out my desk, I just moved everything into a big cardboard box. I forgot there were scripts. They were mixed in a pile of papers.

It was only when he checked the box several months later that he accidentally found them. They ended up in a box next to the bed and have remained there ever since.

Original drafts of two episodes that were found on dump studio workers. Source: Telegraph

The man added that he is not a big fan of «Friends», and this script deserves to be owned by just such a person.

The scripts are expected to sell between 600 and 800 lbs. However, it can bring in even more money. The papers will be auctioned by Hertfordshire auctioneer Hanson Ross on January 12.

We would like to remind you that recently one of the main actresses of the series, Jennifer Aniston, made her public debut in the legendary image.

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