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A week on a lonely island: what Opera pays $10,000 for

The Norwegian company Opera has opened a rather unusual vacancy for Tabfulness Guru. According to the conditions, you will need to live alone on the tiny island of Bjarnaray in the Atlantic Ocean near Iceland, and the term — just a week, writes WomanEL.

A week on a lonely island. Source: Opera

The island has an area of ​​only 32 hectares and only one residential structure, which is considered a hunting lodge for photographers during the breeding season of petrels. As noted on the company’s website, the lucky winner will be offered to live for one week on the island of Bjarnarey for $10,000. There is also the opportunity to take a companion with you, two tickets to Reykjavik and a free transfer to the island of Bjarnarey.

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It's all part of a marketing campaign for the Opera browser. Promoting the Tab Islands feature. It allows you to group open tabs by semantic matches or user desire.

To participate in the competition, you need to fill out the application form on the website before February 25, 2023. The winner will be announced on February 29th. No special skills are required. The main thing is to be of age and successfully complete a creative task in which you need to define the term Tabfulness. The one who copes with the task better will be the winner.

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