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Alexandra Zaritskaya showed what beauty injections she does

Ukrainian singer and lead singer of the KAZKA group, 31-year-old Alexandra Zaritskaya, amazed fans by sharing her own experience of beauty injections and accepting her appearance. On her Instagram page, the artist showed the process of this procedure, revealing the secrets of how to protect the skin from wrinkles, writes WomanEL.

Alexandra said that she decided to take advantage of the opportunity of beauty injections by choosing the drug Dysport. Her motivation was her overly active facial expressions, which had already begun to cause some inconvenience in the form of unnecessary microwrinkles. As a reminder, Dysport is a neurotoxin that blocks the transmission of nerve signals to the muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles and folds in the skin. In the video, she showed some moments of the procedure in the salon.

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I injected myself with a little Dysport, because this excessive facial expression of mine has already caused me trouble,

the singer shares her impressions of her choice.

According to Zaritskaya, it is important for her not only to get rid of existing wrinkles, but also to prevent the appearance of new ones, so that the skin remains healthy, radiant and fresh. The artist is confident that this step will help her maintain the desired look, emphasize her beauty and get rid of her complexes for a long time.

By the way, Zaritskaya recently showed intimate kisses with her fiance in a new video.

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