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alyona alyona revealed what beauty procedures she does: health problems

Ukrainian rap singer and Eurovision 2024 star alyona alyona openly shared her health problems with fans. Recently, the artist has been faced with ailments that often happen to her. On her Instagram account, she said that she was sick for the second time in March, feeling pain in the nose area, writes WomanEL.

I'm sick for the second time in a month. I just don’t know what’s wrong with this immunity. It's just some kind of misfortune. My nose hurts again. I behaved well, didn’t do anything bad, didn’t freeze. I just do not know. I just went to the hospital yesterday, maybe someone sneezed on me there

she shared her experiences.

alyona alyona surprised me with her frankness. Source: instagram.com/alyona.alyona.official

In addition, alyona alyona spoke about her problems with capillaries and skin. She admitted that due to prolonged use of female hormones, her blood thickened, which resulted in the appearance of rosacea and spider veins on her face. Therefore, the celebrity decided to contact a cosmetologist and have a special procedure done.

I will do a very interesting procedure, because due to the fact that I drank for a long time female hormones, thickened the blood and began to burst capillaries in many cases, especially on the face. My problem is rosacea and spider veins, which I want to get rid of,

added Alena.

alyona alyona surprised with its frankness. Source: instagram.com/alyona.alyona.official

It was for this purpose that alyona showed her subscribers how the procedure was done using a laser, which should help solve skin problems. Despite health problems, the singer does not lose her humor and positive mood, continuing to delight her fans with her music and energy.

By the way, alyona alyona recently admitted that as a child she was ridiculed by her parents and classmates.

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