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Alyosha took sexy photos for a fashion magazine

The Ukrainian musical star, previously known under the pseudonym Alyosha, now introduces herself to the world under her real name Elena Topolya, writes WomanEL.

On the threshold of a series of acoustic concerts in Kiev, Lviv and Lutsk, Elena became the main character of the April digital cover of the site “Viva!” and talked about her growth in the world of music and life. Impressively transformed, she was photographed wearing a sophisticated dress with a plunging back that allowed her to show off her figure in the best possible light. Elena also added a touch of elegance to her look with a white, weightless dress, which was decorated with massive earrings.

Elena Topolya talks about her transformation under a new name. Source: viva.ua

In her interview, Elena explained why she decided to abandon the pseudonym Alyosha. The musician also spoke about her stay in the United States with her three children during the war, when they went to the relatives of her husband Taras Topoli.

This has been an idea for many years, which I carried in my plans, which has finally been realized. Alyosha grew up and became Elena Topolya… It was a safe life under a peaceful sky, and it was for the sake of the children. I’ll say right away that America is not my thing. For me, life in America was depressing. The children gained a lot of experience in an American school and learned the language quite well, except for Masha, of course. They had friends, they developed,

the celebrity said.

Elena Topolya talks about her transformation under a new name. Source: viva.ua

Changing her name and revealing new images, Elena Topolya continues to amaze the world with her music and personality, while maintaining her unique essence. By the way, it recently became known how the marriage of Taras Topoli and Alyosha withstood the difficulties of distance and jealousy.

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