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Andre Tan: many women like to live in the victim style

The famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan, for the first time since the start of the war, in an interview with Alina Shamanskaya, told why so many Ukrainian women like to live in the victim style, writes WomanEL.

As Alina notes, two people are to blame for a divorce. Is it a woman’s fault when she simply does not recognize moral violence in a marriage? She lives, she is destroyed by gaslighting, abuse, etc. And only when she accidentally, perhaps, gets to see a psychologist, will she understand what’s going on.

First interview after the start of the war. Source: YouTube screenshot

After all, they always tell her: “Yes, you came up with something for yourself, but it’s your own fault.” That is, when she decides to break up because she did not recognize this abuse before. Well, that is, can she be considered guilty in this case?

the presenter asked the designer.

According to Andre Tan, many Ukrainian women love to live their whole lives in the style of a victim.

That is, well, I understand – it’s very sweet. It’s so good to feel sorry for yourself: “How poor I am, how unhappy I am and everything is like this. But this has always been the case and this will happen. My grandmother was like this, my mother was like this and I will die like this,” the star stylist spoke out.

Andre Tan doesn’t understand why all this is necessary, why poison himself. We live in a different world now.

Many women like to live in the victim style… Source: YouTube screenshot

If you understand that your man is an abuser, well then tell him this: “Darling, I say three times.” The first time I didn’t understand, I took the children in a string bag and moved in with a friend. Second… He should come with flowers, kneel down and ask you again. The second time I didn’t understand… Well, the third time that’s it, you take it and leave,

says the designer.

Not everything is so sweet and good, so you have to say goodbye to the role of a constant victim and change your life for the better. Every woman has only one…

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