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Anita Lutsenko showed how she surgically saved her disfigured stomach

Ukrainian trainer Anita Lutsenko again found the courage to go to the surgical table, trying to correct the consequences of an unsuccessful tummy tuck, which led to serious complications, writes WomanEL.

On her Instagram page, the famous trainer shared videos and pictures from the operating room hall, sharing with his fans a story about his latest medical stage. Lutsenko admitted that this operation was also not without complications, but she made every effort to return her stomach to its previous appearance.

I’ll finish the “belly button” story. For the New Year, I decided that I no longer wanted to keep these thoughts in my head 24/7 and decided to find someone to redo this “beautiful” work. Happy that I decided. Although I thought that in two weeks I would be jumping. But I’m still recovering. I wear a corset and am very careful,

the celebrity said.

Anita admits that this operation requires a long renewal period, but is already pleased with the result. Although she is still a year away from making a full recovery, she believes it will be worth the effort. According to the athlete, she feels sad that she did not pay more attention to the choice of doctor during the preliminary operation.

What I regret: that I didn’t pay 10 times more attention to finding a doctor; that I trusted you when the doctor said that I would do it for you without a mesh. It was a mistake. They conducted an experiment on me or something; there was no need to gain so much weight during pregnancy,

the trainer added.

Previously Anita Lutsenko shared her story about a failed abdominal surgery that occurred after childbirth. Now, with a positive mood and recognition of the mistakes of the past, she is directing her efforts towards full recovery and health.

By the way, Anita Lutsenko recently admitted how she recovered after childbirth and gave useful advice.

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