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Anna Alkhim admitted that she sleeps with married people and laughed at their relationship

Scandalous blogger Anna Alkhim spoke in an interview with the Slava+ show about her relationships with married men. She stated that she sees nothing wrong with sleeping with married men if it suits her desires and gives her pleasure. According to Alhim, she always acts as she sees fit for her own comfort and pleasure, writes WomanEL.

The blogger also added that she is very selfish and strives to do whatever she likes. She does not hide her affairs with married men and does not feel guilty for her behavior, although she admits that it may be bad for their wives.

I have had relationships with married men. I don't hide it. For myself, I don’t see anything bad, but for wives it is, of course, bad. I live my life the way I see fit and the way I want. If I feel comfortable sleeping with someone’s man, if it makes me happy, healthy, rich, beautiful, I will do it, and even more than once, the star commented.

Anna Alkhim admitted that she has relationships with married men and does not see anything wrong with it. Source:

In addition, Anna Alkhim expressed her principled position on the use of the Russian language in Ukraine. She believes that everyone has the right to speak the language they want. Despite criticism from the public, Alkhim notes that she does not want to switch to Ukrainian and will continue to communicate in Russian, since this is her choice.

By the way, recently Anna Alkhim did not keep her “boy’s word” and framed Anatolich.

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