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Anna Koshmal unexpectedly showed how she spends time with her mother-in-law

Anna Koshmal, a famous Ukrainian actress, came to Lviv not only to participate in a theater performance, but also to enjoy time with her mother-in-law. She not only performed on stage, but also shared her impressions of the city and discovered an interesting tradition, writes WomanEL.

After arriving in Lviv, Anna Koshmal could not resist sharing her impressions with her fans on Instagram.

To say that I am satisfied is for sure nothing to say. I'm finally walking along my favorite streets of Lviv. I don't know, I come here straight home every time. I love this city. It doesn't matter what the weather is like. Even if it was raining now, I would go for a walk. I'm going to meet my relatives. I have a tradition here – before the performance I drink tea with my husband’s mother

said the actress.

Anna Koshmal gets closer to his family during his stay in Lviv. Source: instagram.com/smorkovkina

One of the most interesting events was Anna Koshmal’s meeting with her mother-in-law. The celebrity said that she and her husband’s mother have an important tradition – before performances they always meet for a cup of tea in their favorite cafe.

This visit to Lviv not only emphasized the actress’s talent, but became a time for family bonding and common moments that will be remembered for a long time both for Koshmal herself and for her loved ones.

By the way, Anna Koshmal recently spoke about jealousy towards her husband.

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