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Anna Neplyakh was in a terrible accident: the car was destroyed

Participant of the show “Bachelor 10” and winner of the “Miss Ukraine Universe 2021” contest Anna Neplyakh amazed her fans with shocking news. She was in a terrible car accident, writes WomanEL.

The blogger conveyed the sad message through her Instagram. Anna said that she had recently been struggling with depression, and also had health problems related to hormones and the thyroid gland, which affected her vision. Despite this, she went from Kyiv to Dnieper because of important matters that could not tolerate delays.

However, on the way to Dnieper, Anna found herself in a terrible situation. Having lost control of the steering wheel, she drove into a guardrail at speed. Only the airbag saved her from the impact, and then they helped her out of the car.

Anna Neplyakh is at the center of a terrible incident. Source: instagram.com/neplyah

Just yesterday I said that I feel extremely bad, but we don’t put off life for later and don’t feel sorry for ourselves. Yesterday I didn’t feel well and in the evening I canceled all my plans to stay in bed. I had 200 km left to the Dnieper. The weather is great, but the road is not always good. Anyone who knows the Dnieper-Kyiv route knows. The navigator sharply predicts a turn to the right to bypass Reshetilovka, I lose control and crash at speed and we have what we have. The only victims were me and my car. The car hits, I see how people are already trying to pull me out of the car, the celebrity said.

Reaction of the Network:

  • Get well soon;
  • < li>How scary!

  • It’s so good that you’re safe, everything will be fine!

Anna Neplyakh is at the center of a terrible incident. Source: instagram.com/neplyah

Regarding her condition, the blogger noted that, surprisingly, she feels good, although she received injuries to her face and arm. Her car was taken by a tow truck. Neplyakh does not despair, but on the contrary, he feels gratitude for being saved. She urged her fans to take care of themselves, listen to their body and take care of their health, and also avoid driving in cases where you feel it is dangerous.

By the way, it recently became known that Anna Neplyakh is freezing her eggs .

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