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Anna Salivanchuk unexpectedly divorced her husband

At the end of 2023, news began to appear in the media about the possible divorce of the star spouses, 38-year-old Anna Salivanchuk and 36-year-old Alexander Bozhkov, but the couple did not give official comments. In one of her interviews at the beginning of a full-scale war, Anna said that she and Alexander were going through a certain crisis in their relationship, but then stated that the rumors of divorce were untrue.

Today Salivanchuk surprised with her confession. On her Instagram account, she said that she had been divorced for a long time, reports WomanEL.

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As it turned out, the couple divorced back in May 2023. Anna writes that she needed time to find herself again.

The time has come to tell you the truth🙏🏻I have been hiding something from you for a long time . My strange state, tears, laughter, travel, sports – it was all work on myself to find myself again, my real self. 05/18/2023 I DIVORCE!

According to the star, for some time they tried to save the family for the sake of the children, but everything was in vain.

The artist did not name the reasons for the divorce, she only stated that something went wrong. She doesn’t want to go into details.

Publication by Salivanchuk. Source: Instagram

Recall that Salivanchuk and Bozhkov were together for ten years. The couple met on the set of the series «Once Upon a Time near Poltava» and a year later they got engaged. Now they are raising two common sons — 8-year-old Gleb and 3-year-old Nikita.

Previously, the actress openly spoke about what she limits her children to.

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