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Artificial beauty: Playboy for the first time graced the cover with a model created by AI

Artificial intelligence firmly holds its position in the modern world, especially in show business. For the first time, the heroine of the new issue of Mexican Playboy magazine is an AI-generated model. Her artificial beauty has already attracted more than 100 thousand subscribers, writes WomanEL.

Artificial beauty. Source: Instagram

The new heroine's name is Samantha Everly. She is 23 years old and created entirely by artificial intelligence. The model has blond hair, blue eyes and a slender figure.

The magazine interviewed Samantha using a neural network. She said that she is fascinated by people and their ability to experience emotions.

Playboy featured a model created by an AI on its cover for the first time. Source: Instagram

I can't argue that I'm a little jealous of being able to eat tacos while breathing in the beach breeze and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin,

the faux beauty admitted.

According to Samantha, she is honored to be the first digital cover of Playboy. If she could dream, this would be her dream come true…

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