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Aspects of duality: Ukrainian Vladimir Manzhos designed Hermes windows in Japan

Ukrainian muralist Vladimir Manzhos, better known as Waone Interesni Kazki, Interesni Kazki, embodied aspects of duality in the design of windows for the Hermes boutique, tells WomanEL.

The artist shows the results of his painstaking work, which lasted 14 months showed on Instagram. Light and darkness, day and night – these are the aspects that Vladimir illuminated in his original project.

Aspects of duality. Source: Instagram

A south-facing window dedicated to day and light, while a north-facing window is for nights,

the artist noted.

For more than a year, together with the Hermes teams in Japan and Hong Kong, Waone Interesni Kazki created a miracle. Now new windows adorn the French brand's boutique at Kansai Airport in Osaka.

Happy at last share such wonderful news. After 14 months of collaboration with the Hermes team, this project has finally come to life!,

the artist wrote on Instagram.

Until 2015, Vladimir Manzhos worked in the duo Interesni Kazki. He began his artistic journey with graffiti, and later began to paint surreal murals with fantastic stories. In addition to Ukrainian cities, the artist’s paintings can be found in the USA, India, France, Denmark, Spain and Morocco.

Previously, the Ukrainian brand created a new collection of clothing based on the paintings of Anatoly Krivolap.

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