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Bardash and a Russian passport: another Ukrainian traitor received Russian citizenship

In the world of show business there are always people who can cause controversy and publicity, writes WomanEL. One of these cases — Yuri Bardash, ex-producer of “Quest Pistols”, “Mushrooms”, “Nerves” and “Wellboy”, who found himself at the center of a big scandal because of his views on events in Ukraine.

Yuri Bardash is previously known with its active participation in the Ukrainian music industry and support of diverse talents. However, his reputation changed dramatically when it became known that he openly supported the war in Ukraine, which was started by Russia. In addition, the artist moved to live in the Russian Federation.

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On January 23, Bardash received a Russian passport. This caused a wave of indignation and discussion on the Internet.

Social network users asked Yuri what he would do with his Ukrainian passport, to which he replied:

I have no desire to show this passport anywhere so that they would consider me a Ukrainian. Let him lie to himself. I have an aversion to everything Ukrainian. Zelensky is to blame for this,

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Recall that the scandalous Yuri Bardash earlier, live on Instagram, called Ukrainians Nazis and fascists, distorted information and suggested that Ukraine capitulate. The traitor also publicly congratulated Russian dictator Putin on his birthday.

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