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Blogger Tanya Parfilyeva took gorgeous photos with her little son: an ideal figure after childbirth

Ukrainian blogger and founder of the clothing brand “Cher17” Tanya Parfilyeva again amazed her fans with new photos with her son. Her 6-month-old boy Alexander became the main star of the newest photo shoot, which Tatyana shared with the world, writes WomanEL.

Becoming a mother for the first time last August, Tanya decided not to hide the happiness of motherhood from her subscribers. Immediately after the birth of her son, she shared photos of him on her blog. On her page on social networks, Parfilyeva regularly pleases fans with new photos with her baby. And this time she again did not leave them indifferent, showing excellent photographs.

Tanya Parfilyeva wins the hearts of fans with new impressive photographs from by his son. Source: instagram.com/tanyaparfileva

In one of the photos, Tanya appeared in a black bodysuit with a voluminous top and black tights, holding little Sasha in her arms. The photo shows how the boy has already grown up and happily poses for the camera. The young mother amazes with her beauty and sexuality, combining them with maternal tenderness.

Mom and son,

the blogger succinctly signed the photo.

Tanya Parfilyeva wins the hearts of fans with new impressive photos with her son. Source: instagram.com/tanyaparfileva

Network reaction:

  • Very beautiful!
  • Why is the boy without clothes?
  • Great photo shoot.< /li>

Tanya’s followers bombarded her with enthusiastic comments. These tender photos, along with luxurious words, adorned Tanya Parfileva’s page on social networks, reminding everyone of how beautiful and warm motherhood can be.

By the way, today Sergei Tanchinets showed a rare shot with his 6-year-old son.

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