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Blue Öyster Cult have released the second video for a song from their farewell album

The rock band “Blue Öyster Cult”, whose discography already includes 15 albums, is preparing to release the last album in its work called “Ghost Stories”. WomanEL invites you to watch the video for the second single from the future music collection “Don’t Come Running To Me.”

All songs of “Ghost Stories” were recorded between 1978 and 1983. The only exception was the track “If I Fell”, recorded in April 2016. The unique collection includes original compositions, as well as covers of MC5, The Doors and The Animals.

Blue Öyster Cult have released a video for a song from their farewell album. Source: Instagram

The archival material was originally recorded on analogue film and was recently transferred to digital format using artificial intelligence. The album was completed in the studio, adding new parts with the original members of the group.

The release is planned for mid-April, and the song “Don’t Come Running To Me” can already be listened to and watch the video for it.

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