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Book sommelier: a service similar to Goodreads was launched in Ukraine

An analogue of Goodreads has launched in Ukraine, where you can share reviews of books you’ve read. The reader's literary social network LitCom has launched the “Book Sommelier” project, writes WomanEL.

Book Sommelier. Source: Instagram

As LitCom founder Olga Sukhomlin says, the new service is an expert sommelier who will tell you which reading will bring maximum pleasure and will exactly match your request.

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The Book Sommelier aims to make it easier for readers to choose books from an assortment of colorful covers and titles. At the same time, you can serve other users of the service with your expertise – perhaps it is your review that will “make someone’s evening,” Olga noted.

It is the interaction of readers, the exchange of reading experiences and impressions and lies at the heart of the project. In addition to text messages and photos, LitCom offers “litcasts” – literary podcasts about new publications from publishers, media, book bloggers and writers.

The following people have already shared their book reviews for the new project with LitCom:

  • language ombudsman Taras Kremen;
  • human rights activist Elena Sotnik;
  • writer Elena Pavlova;
  • film academician Stanislav Tsalik;
  • writer Oles Ilchenko;
  • TV presenter Lesya Vakulyuk.

We previously wrote that the first book radio station appeared in Ukraine.

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