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Bread liqueur from Olga Ryabenko: what kind of bread to eat in different parts of the world

MasterChef super-finalist, mother of four children and Zirkova chef of the region Olga Ryabenko held a special bread lunch for Ukrainians. Vaughn respects that bread is not just food, it is the history and culture of the skin people, write WomanEL.

ContentWhat kind of bread is there? What kind of bread is there in different corners of the world Bread liqueur from Olga Ryabenko. Dzherelo: Instagram

We can talk about bread for a long time. Tasting new varieties of whiskey is nothing short of satisfying. Everything depends only on your individual tastes and tastes, Olga said.

What types of bread there are

In the words of the chef, there are no types of bread. The stench is brewed behind the warehouse and prepared using the method.⠀

  • Depending on the type of beans in the bread warehouse, you can choose:
  • Wheat is the widest option.
  • Wheat has a thicker texture and brighter flavor.
  • < li>Multi-grain – with many varieties of beans.

  • Owned – with a delicate taste and soft texture.
  • Buckwheat – has a characteristic smell and taste of buckwheat⠀
  • Corn – it will be yellowish for the color and sweet for the taste.

Also, bread can be yeasty or yeast-free. And there is also a variety of whiskey with various additives, for example: peas, porridge, cibul, herbs and spices, tomatoes, olives, fruits and spices,

said Olga Ryabenko.

Zirkova, the chief cook of the region, Olga Ryabenko, held a bread lunch for Ukrainians. Dzherelo: Instagram

What kind of bread to eat in different corners of the world

The skin area has its own varieties of bread:

  • Bagel – round, guess a donut, with a reception crunchy crust.
  • Pretzel – national German pretzels with a thick crust and soft center.
  • Focaccia – Italian bread, perhaps like pizza. It has a thin dough and is often supplemented with herbs.
  • Tortilla is a Mexican crust that is used for tacos or burritos.
  • Roti is an Indian fresh, thin crust.
  • Ciabatta – Italian long-lasting bread with a porous texture and tendinous crust.

When the crust is good, then Olga Ryabenko sings that whatever bread, at reasonable limits, will be brown. Delicious bread and peaceful sky…

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